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Container Solutions

Container Solutions

A container to suit every requirement. To find the best solution for you, the customer, and help you the best we can, please give us specifically your requirements, so we can focus. Our mission is to satisfy you.

Transforming wooden pallets into returnable containers
Single Sheet:
Euro Tray-Pak 1200 x 800
Tray-Pak 1200 x 1000

To be used with existing wooden pallets

Transporting boxes, light weight or self-supporting parts

Uni-Pak Original
The Original standard reference for Returnable Transit Packaging up to 500 kg

Uni-Pak V3
High performance Returnable Transit Packaging

Simple and Reliable Returnable Transit Packaging container system

Transport solution for heavy weight boxes and totes - racking up to 1400 kg

Modular system easily combining 800x600, 1200x800 FLC and euro wooden pallets

Your quick turn-up Made To Measure Container Solution